Vijay Construction Chemicals is driven by a group of professionals having expertise in chemical formulations and total project management. With vast experience in the field of construction chemicals, our team has developed a new range of chemicals that are in tune with the present day construction chemical requirements.

The company specialized in research and design, manufacturing and distribution of construction chemicals of high quality relevant to the regional climatic situation and code of practice and in accordance with quality in international standards.

Our products offer effective chemical solutions for use during construction and for repairs and maintenance, be it domestic constructions or large industrial & infrastructure projects

Our supply package includes additives that improve the production of substances, reduce water-uptake, control efflorescence and improve the workability of mortars and screeds. Special chemicals allow design and control of air pores and of course enhance curing and durability of concrete. Furthermore our products help improve production and functionality of construction materials for roofing, insulation or ceilings.