Product Features


Windows are some of the most important elements of your indoor décor, both in terms of their own appearance and how they impact that of the rest of the room. A window’s style and the shutters and blinds which augment its appearance can look wonderful in their own right, while the light that clean windows allow into a room can really help bring it to life.


Impact Resistant Windows and Doors provide security, beauty and peace of mind all year round


Our window and door systems are designed to withstand various kinds of weather conditions, ultraviolet rays, and rapidly changing weather. Our window and door systems can withstand temperatures of up to 82C without any defects. This means that long term hot weather conditions will not affect the windows structure, ie. They wont break or deteriorate in quality throughout the whole lifetime of the windows.


Vijay Joineries Upvc doors & windows contribute to a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in your home. They prevent thermal bridging, the thermal insulating performance of the finished window is exceptionally good. The glazing is also of utmost importance for good thermal values, also contributing to a substantial energy saving. Vijay Joineries Upvc eliminate the problems of water condensation on he window planes inside the house.


Windows and doors need maintenance for longer use. The young generation has great demands for windows and doors that need lower maintenance, the use of UPVC dust proof windows has grown in popularity due to low maintenance needs. Windows and doors of other material needs painting as a part of maintenance since they may be rust or termite prone. UPVC windows and doors are the best preferred in the market today as they need very minimal cleaning and are easy to maintain. UPVC windows and doors featured for low maintenance.


ENCRAFT’S high precision engineering makes the windows and doors virtually impenetrable meeting top of the industry standards for thermal, sound and heat insulation. Also, they offer effective protection from weather, wind, noise, burglary and UV radiations. All ENCRAFT window and door systems have FPVC Alloy gaskets developed specially for highly effective insulation and also to practically last forever without getting brittle or broken.


PVC-U window and door frames are an Eco-friendly material. Manufacturing energy consumption for aluminum profiles is over 7 times of that for PVC-U profiles. PVC-U profiles can be recycled and re-used.


Vijay Joineries Upvc doors & windows are water resistant. They are fabricated by using sophisticated and automatic machines insuring no gaps. During installation process special material are used to prevent water passing from outside to inside. These Upvc window and doors systems are successfully used in swimming pools, marine & ocean environment without detriment to the surface finish or performance. These Upvc windows and doors are ideal for monson seasons.


Our noise reduction waterproof windows and double glazing doors exceed expectations in many hostile environments that are not suitable for other types of materials. Due to the unique properties of upvc, the frame maintains high tensile strength and modulus over a moderate temperature range, low thermal conductivity, and excellent chemical and corrosion resistance to a variety of aggressive substances. In general upvc has good acid and alkali resistance as well as excellent vapour barrier properties and excellent UV resistance.


Vijay Joineries Upvc products are sound retardant. These products are ideal for offices, schools, hospitals, buildings, etc where people need silence. these Upvc windows & doors are consist of a multi-chambered profile with tight seal, making them the best windows in noise separation. It cuts unnecessary disturbances.


uPVC products have acidic and alkaline resistance charateristics


uPVC material; do not support combustion, in fact they are self extinguishing. Throughout their product life, the material will not cause, support or enhance the natural development of fire. The profile compound possesses a fire retanrdant rating according to DIN 4 102, also fulfils class 1 fire resistance